Monday, 17 October 2011

Your Childhood Best Friend

Everyone had that one friend. That one childhood friend that you no longer keep in contact with, know who they are anymore, or even where they live. They were your best friend.

When I late primary school, my friend and I used to ride our skateboards to school together. My friends house was about a 15 minute skate from mine. Every morning, he would skate over to mine, then we would skate to school. Their was a river that separated our suburbs. There was a small, old, wooden walking bridge that crossed over the river... It was quite a small river. After years of the bridge slowly deteriorating, the local council declared the bridge to dangerous to use, so they knocked it down. It was about 2 months before they began the construction of the new bridge. After a few more weeks, the new bridge was almost complete. It was a big and solid, made of concrete. They didn't yet have the steel wiring supports up yet, but the bridge was basically finished. They fenced both ends of the bridge off with gates, made from the average interlinked steel fencing material. They locked the gates shut with a think steel chain and a big lock. The council announced that it would be at least another 3 weeks before the bridge would be open to the public. We couldn't wait that long! My mates father was an electrician, so one day we snuck into his work truck and got out some big industrial wire cutters. We then proceeded to hide them in a back pack and walk over to the bridge. In broad daylight, we cut the whole inside of the fence out, so only the frame was left... On both sides of the bridge. This took at least 10 minutes. Nobody saw us, luckily. From then on in, we continued to skate to school, until we went to high school. We just drifted, sat with different groups of friends. This was like.. 6 or 7 years ago now. Bloody hell, I was a ballsy little bastard. No way in hell I would do anything like that nowerdays!

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